CruiseOps is an international customs brokerage and logistics management company with a network of over 25 agents worldwide.  Our professional staff, personal service, network of partners, and expert knowledge has made us leaders in the industry for over 10+ years.


CruiseOps is an extension of your business. As a team we ensure that the communication level is always high, and the commitment is always exceeded. A family atmosphere based on trust, honesty, and integrity is our companies’ foundation, and it is what we bring to the table.


At CruiseOps we epitomize the phrase “personalized service”. We are with you every step of the import process, and make sure all your needs are met and exceeded by acting as a direct extension of your business. Together we develop individual service programs that are uniquely tailored to your companies needs. We work closely with you to help you understand customs formalities, and maintain informed compliance, while at the same time giving your company the assurance your imported cargo will be cleared and expedited to its final destination every time.


With years of industry experience, CruiseOps knowledge and expertise in customs regulations will consistently meet every customer’s need. CruiseOps is determined to become successful in maximizing a business where we can help companies that import and export capitalize on their potential by receiving personalized services unlike any other customs broker/freight forwarder can provide which in turn helps them grow, expand, and manage their production more efficiently and economically. Our value is measured by the success of our customers.


CruiseOps is the Industry leader in Cruise Ship Brokerage and logistics servicing 95% of the all cruise ships.  Over 10 years we have worked hand in hand with US Customs CBP to ensure maximum transparency in a post 9-11 world.  We even have a customs ruling listed on the law books that was developed with CruiseOps (Cruise Industry Solutions) President Marcel Kaminstein for Cruise Ship Trunk Shows.


CruiseOps is well versed on all special trade programs and other government agency (OGA) requirements. We take pride in ensuring the safety of your cargo, and we understand the importance of timely and accurate preparation of documents, that is why we work closely with OGA offices and U.S. Customs at all times. Communication, commitment and reliability are our motto, so you will always feel secure.


Globalization, the breakthrough of the internet as an efficient business tool, and the deregulation of former “protected” markets have fundamentally changed international business relations. This advance in technology has improved the resources we use to gather clients, information, and facilitate operational activities. With these E-business tools making their impact on the industry, now more than ever, importers and exporters must keep up with the constantly changing rules, regulations and requirements that govern the international movement of goods. We live in a different world today and have been introduced to new vocabulary which includes homeland security, security freight initiative (SFI), “24-hour pre-lading Manifest Rule”, Customs-Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-TPAT), and the Importer Security Filing (ISF) 10+2. These changes are intended to protect our country against terrorist attacks and contraband, without disrupting the vital flow of cargo. CruiseOps will be focused on constantly adapting to the emerging trade, and the ever changing transportation requirements in order to protect our customers.


CruiseOps is your Customs broker for the 21st century.